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Satisfaction Guaranteed

MNS 4829Glasses: When you purchase eyewear from Constant Eye Care, you can be sure it is of the finest quality available. That’s why select frames* in our office come with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty. (*Ask optician which select frames are considered for the limited warranty.)

Patient’s also have ability to purchase Accidental Damage Frame Warranty. This warranty covers frames that are damage due to misuse or breakage. Ask our optician for more information.

Contact Lens: All of our contact lenses are backed with our Satisfaction Guaranteed Program. We guarantee the vision, the comfort and the health of your eyes when you wear contact lenses from Constant Eye Care. If you experience any issues with contact lenses from our office, we will exchange them back for credit within 30 days from the purchase date (*contact lens box must not be opened or damaged from original packaging to take advantage of this offer.)

Glasses Prescription: Our office will change glasses prescriptions, if warrantied, up to 45 day from date of patient’s exam if you are having issues with your vision with your eyewear when purchasing frames from our office. Eyewear/lens purchased elsewhere will have the same 45 day window, but if it is found that eyewear/lens is made incorrectly to patient’s written prescription a fee may apply for the additional consultation with the doctor. Please ask our office if you have further questions in regards to our prescription policy.


We have implemented special protocols for the safety of our staff and patients. If you are a new patient, PLEASE fill out paperwork ahead of time on our website. Click on Patient history forms. Everyone must wear a mask coming into the office and we are limiting amount of people. Thank you for understanding.