Ortho-K Treatment in Plano

Ortho-K Treatment in Plano and greater Dallas Area

Many patients with vision problems embrace the idea of enjoying vision correction without having to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. Not all of these patients, however, are good candidates for LASIK surgery. Looking for an alternative? We offer an advanced corneal reshaping technique known as orthokeratology, or Ortho-k. This non-surgical technique that you wear when you sleep, and take off in the morning without needing your glasses or contact lens wear through out the day.

Corneal Reshaping While You Sleep

Some of our patients simply don’t like the idea of any kind of surgery, or they want a reversible procedure. Ortho-k may be ideal choice for these individuals. Dr Ngo will map the shape of your corneas precisely and then fabricate special contact lenses. Unlike standard contact, you’ll wear these lenses at night. The lenses perform a subtle corneal reshaping as you sleep, meaning that you can take them out the next morning and enjoy perfect or near-perfect vision.
Ortho-K can help you see clearly for one or two days at a time, or possibly even longer. By wearing them regularly at night, you can maintain your clarity of vision for as long as you decide to continue using them. If you decide to use another form of vision correction, simply stop wearing the Ortho-K lenses and your corneas will assume their previous shape once again. Talk to our knowledgable staff to see whether Ortho-K makes sense for you.

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Myopia Control

The most dangerous time for developing near-sightedness is age 8-18. During this stage, the eyes grow along with the rest of the body. Excessive growth in the length of the eye is the cause of most near-sightedness and dependence on glasses. Cutting edge research aims at preventing you from developing a prescription in the first place, rather than correcting it later with LASIK. For kids and teens at risk or already developing dependence on glasses, Ortho-K can immediately stabilize your child’s eyes by 55-100%, so they do not worsen each year! Talk with Dr Ngo whether your child is a good candidate.

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